Tuesday, April 14, 2009


1. On14th April, 2009, we read in the newspapers of Samy Velu's warning of getting the MIC out of Barisan Nasional if more ministers are not appointed from among the MIC leaders. This is sheer arrogance. Dato' Samy Vellu should look into the mirror to see who is to be blame for the MIC's pathetic performance not only in the recent Bukit Selambau by-election but also in the 12th General Election in March 2008.

2. On 16th April, 2009 we read that the Central Committee of the MIC have decided that not even an assistant minister would resign. This was an encouraging development for obviously the Central Committee of the MIC have begun to show their true colour. They are beginning to reject their leader's opinion.

3. Let us hope that the leadership rank of the MIC are now realising that the rise of the Hindraf was a result of Dato' Samy Vellu's failure in leadership and the failure of Pak Lah in not recognizing it.

4. The Indian community had and still has many grievances which were not attended to for a long time. Dato' Samy Vellu is certainly not known for accepting constructive criticisms from within the MIC. As such a vast majority of Indians have no where to go when they have complaints to make, or help to ask for.

5. All attempts to reach Pak Lah directly were diverted to Dato' Samy. And Dato' Samy punished his critics and rivals in numerous ways.

6. As a result of Dato' Samy Vellu's leadership failure Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim has now become a Hindu diety.

7. Initially, there was fear of Anwar's Islamic orientation from among the non-Muslims until Barisan Nasional decided to do something stupid. Having lost the self-televised debate, with Anwar Ibrahim, the Minister of Information Shabery Chik, the ex-information chief of Semangat 46, tried to prove to the Muslim audience that Anwar is not Islamic anymore.

8. During the election RTM 1 showed Anwar dancing and singing, every night, immediately after the news. While this did not influence Anwar's more religious supporters, within PAS, who do not watch the BN TVs anymore, the non-Muslims, particularly Indians have a chance to see Anwar's performance, every night, as a Bollywood superstar.

9. Somehow Anwar's dancing and singing seems to be more convincing than Samy Vellu's effort at proving that he is more Hindu than the Hindraff, by erecting a golden statue of Murugan at Batu Cave, which is the tallest statue of any diety in the world, which is welcomed by Islam Hadhari.

10. That was Shabery Chik's contribution to the defeat of Shahrizat at the hand of Anwar's daughter.

11. Unless and until Dato' Samy Vellu leaves the MIC's political scene, any gimmick, such as demanding more seats in the cabinet, will fall on deaf ears. Dato' Samy is a liability to BN. His days are over.

12. If Dato' Samy was a clean man when he was in the cabinet, he would not be afraid to leave the MIC now. His present existence as the MIC President in the Barisan Nasional will only prevent any other Indian party being brought in. It is a practise in Barisan Nasional that decisions on bringing a new party into the BN needs a unanimous decision.

13. What should the government do to save the Indians. The government should not wait for Dato' Samy to leave the MIC leadership before mobilising the anti-corruption agency. The anti-corruption agency should investigate Dato' Samy now.

14. But the anti-corruption body should not immitate the record of the UMNO disciplinary committee.

15. A younger version of Dato' Samy Vellu is also found in UMNO. He is no other than KJ, the son in law of the previous Prime Minister. Having destroyed Pak Lah the son in law of Pak Lah is staying on to finish his job of destroying UMNO's future.

16. Under normal circumstances an organization will depend on its younger generation for its better future. It is not true of UMNO because of its youth wing.

17. Just as the leaders of MCA, Gerakan and UMNO are gone Dato' Samy Vellu should follow them.

18. KJ should call it quit to give UMNO a future.

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